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Take care of the battery to keep your laptop healthy

Take care of the battery to keep your laptop healthy

In today’s IT age, laptops are becoming more and more popular because of their portability and mobility. It has become an important thing not only for entrepreneurs but also for young and old alike. The problem behind the topic of portability is the limited battery life and battery life.

No matter how big the battery, the laptop will run out of power over time. One of the main problems for most laptop users is the battery. In general, laptops’ battery counts are cyclic counts. If 0% to 100% charge is defined as one battery cycle count, then 50% to 100% double charge is considered as Cycle Count 1. The higher the battery cycle cycle, the shorter the battery life.

We  will share with you how to use your laptop with a lower battery cycle count and longer battery life.

Reduce Screen Brightness when not needed

When you use it indoors, instead of using it outdoors, you can reduce the screen brightness unnecessarily to save your eyesight and extend battery life.

– Provide good ventilation

Most users use their laptop on a mattress or on a level surface. This will cause the fan ports on the bottom of the laptop to close and heat up. As the laptop heats up, so does the battery, so if possible, use it with accessories such as a laptop stand and cooling fan. The laptop’s cooling fan should also be cleaned frequently to prevent dust from clogging it.

Do not store in too hot a place

Leaving your laptop in the sun and using it hot can double the internal hardware and damage battery life. Therefore, it is best to use your laptop at room temperature.

Disable unused features

If you do not use Wifi and Bluetooth, turn it off. If the user does not notice, but does not turn it off, it will run in the background. For example, if you turn it on without using Wi-Fi, it will make your laptop work harder by looking for a Wi-Fi signal in the background. You can easily disable these features in the Notification Center. You can also save battery by disabling auto-updates.

– USB Do not attach the sticks unnecessarily

Hard Disk Cables for Data Transfer on Your Laptop It is also advisable to unplug unused cords as disconnecting the Memory Stick will unnecessarily consume the laptop battery.

We hope you enjoy the above tips on taking care of your laptop battery health.

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